Turning on the computer for the first time

When you first start your computer you have to go through a short personalization of your user account. Simple instructions for this process can be found here: www.tolvutek.info

We also reccommend reading the information brochures included from the manufacturer. When you complete your user personalization we recommend running Windows Update for the latest security updates to keep your computer secure and up to date.


Software setup

Your Windows license activates when you connect your computer to the internet. Windows 10 automatically keeps your operating system up to date and downloads the latest security updates in the background. Windows 10 will notify you of major updates that change the user experience and of security updates. We recommend using an internet security protection, the sooner you activate your protection the safer your experience will be. We recommend McAfee Internet Security.

Click here to read more about McAfee.


General usage and maintenance

Do not cover ventilation holes or obstruct airflow to the computer. Notebooks are meant to be used on flat surfaces i.e. tables and laptop stands. Dust will gather in fans and airducts of the computer, we recommend doing a dust removal every six months, the simplest way is using compressed air. Compressed air can be found in your nearest Tölvutek store.

Notebooks need to be handled with care, they can contain fragile parts such as a hard drive that handles a shock badly. When transporting the notebook keep in mind to turn it off or putting it to sleep. The notebook comes with a two year guarantee to individuals and one year to businesses unless otherwise specified.


Detailed information about the battery

All notebooks come with a rechargable battery and their average lifetime is about 1000 charges. Notebook batteries cannot be overcharged, modern battery technology cuts the charge as soon as the battery reaches full charge. Optimum temperature of the battery is 0-35 °C and heat in excess or below that could damage the battery and shorten it‘s lifetime. Batteries come with a 12 month warranty unless otherwise specified. You do not need to empty the battery to keep it healthy, modern batteries hold charge for longer and do not need to be emptied regularly.


If the notebook does not connect to a WiFi

Are you sure you are connecting to the right WiFi? You can make sure by looking on the back of your router and look for a line starting with SSID the SSID is the name of your WiFi connection.

To make sure you are using the right passcode to connect you can verify it by looking at your router, your passcode is marked as WEP-key or WPA-key.

If both of the above are correct you can try turning your WiFi adapter off and on again. On almost all notebooks you can hold the FN button and press F3 (you should see a icon similar to an antenna on the F button).


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